Troubleshooting Rock Screen Startup Icons

An overview of the expected Icons to be displayed on the OLED screen of the Rock.

When the installation process starts the Rock performs a sequence of the verifications.  Icons, text, and a horizontal progress bar will be displayed.  These indicators will show the status of the current steps and the current progress of the process.

When there is an installation or onboarding issue - an indicator (icon) in red (during the cold start process). Also if needed additional information in red will appear down in the scrolling bar. Each red Icon will also be displayed on the InfoBar area (upper part of the screen). While the system is still processing the indicators will be displayed in grey color located in the main part of the display

If the service which the system is verifying is running well (/is supported)  the text and the icon will be marked in green. The green color will indicate that there is no issue and then the next verified service/value or connection status will appear as the following step of the installation  sequence:


The process of visualizing will start with presenting the possible issues “No Poe+”, “No Panel Power”, and “No Network”. The reason for showing these troubleshooting errors first if some of the needed steps of the installation process are not supported - the rest of the steps will fail anyways. 


After the verification of the first 3 steps is up and running well - then the rest of the icons of the sequence will start to appear: