Configure Rock Mode of Operation

This table summarizes the different modes that can be set on the Rock.


Device Mode Description
Demo Mode
  • Demo is used for quick demonstrations.
  • Similar to 1FA - requires face or badge as credential.
  • Auto-enrollment is enabled and requires only 2 consecutive badge swipes with no wait in between to be enrolled. ƒ
  • Enrollment profiles are not retained and will be deleted when the Rock reboots.

Face or Badge (1FA)

  • Single Factor Authentication requires either face or badge as the credential.
  • The Rock will authenticate users that are enrolled. Users not yet enrolled will require their badge. ƒ
  • 1FA allows turning on Auto-enrollment. (The feature is disabled by default.) People enroll by swiping their badge 4-6 times over the course of a few days.

Face-Only (1FAF)

  • Single Factor Face Only requires face as the credential.
  • This mode is used at doors that do not have a badge reader.

Face and Badge (2FA) 

  • Two Factor Authentication requires face and badge as the credentials.
Face and Badge and PIN (3FA)
  • The mode supports 3FA when Support 3FA is toggled on. The functionality for third authentication factor should be enabled when requiring users to enter a PIN or other additional authentication factor.
  • The Rock will authenticate the face but the user must swipe a badge and then enter a PIN. The ACS must be configured to accept Badge + PIN. Reach out to Alcatraz AI for questions on authentication factors.

Mask Enforcement (2FA-M)

  • Mask Enforcement requires a mask and badge.
  • The Rock will enforce the user to wear a mask before allowing a user to badge in.


  • Referred to as manual enrollment.
  • Allows companies to dedicate a Rock as an enrollment station to enroll users quickly
  • Ideal to have a dedicated Rock for enrollment in companies that have Rocks operating in 2FA, 1FAF, or regularly enrolling employees.
Badge Only (1FA)
  • Requires badge only
  • No facial authentication required for the user


Configure the Rock's Mode of Operation

1. Log in to the Admin Portal and go to Device Management -> Devices

2. Expand the Device Mode section and select from the list

Screen Shot 2023-07-06 at 11.35.17 PMNote: For Face or Badge, there is an option to turn on Auto-Enrollment