Alcatraz AI On-Prem Appliance Setup

Default Settings

Network Settings

IP Address (EN02):
Subnet Mast (EN02):

OS Login

Username:  Administrator
Password:  installer1!2$

Alcatraz Admin Portal

Password:  Alcatraz4dm!n

Appliance Setup Steps

  1. Connect to the Appliance via Remote Desktop (RDP) or by plugging in a Keyboard, Monitor, and Mouse.
  2. Log in to the OS using the default OS Login above.
  3. Update the network settings of the Appliance as required. The default network connection shown below (EN02) is labeled "Intel Ethernet I210 #2" in the Windows Server Network Connection screen.
    NOTE: The Appliance must be given a static IP address or DHCP Reservation.
  4. Run the alcatraz-admin-portal-xxx.exe installer on the desktop.
  5. Select “Modify” and accept all default settings except on the “Services’ endpoint settings” screen, where the NEW IP Address must be selected in the drop-down list.
  6. When connecting the Appliance to the local network, be sure to connect to the EN02 port (upper-right) as shown below.

Admin Portal Access

Access the Admin Portal with a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge and use the login credentials above.  NOTE: Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

https://localhost (on the Appliance) OR https://<<insert IP address>>

For additional details regarding onboarding Rocks and configuring the Alcatraz System, please consult the Alcatraz AI Admin Portal Guide.