How to stream ONVIF video from the Rock


ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) provides a standardized protocol for IP-based products to communicate. 

Utilizing ONVIF, the Rock is able to stream 2MP video to a compliant video management system (VMS) at 30fps.

The Rock supports Profile S and Profile T according to the ONVIF standard.

Admin Portal Configuration & Rock ONVIF Password

  1. Log into the Alcatraz Admin Portal and "Modify" the Rock whose video is to be streamed.
  2. Note the ONVIF password which is the last six characters of the 'Device ID' and is highlighted in yellow.
  3. Under "ONVIF", ensure that the feature is 'Enabled'.

Video Management System (VMS) Configuration

  1. In the VMS, add the Rock as an ONVIF camera using the Rock's IP Address.
  2. Enter 'admin' as the username and the last six characters of the DeviceID as the password.

More details regarding ONVIF configuration can be found in the Alcatraz Admin Portal Guide.