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Your Existing Security Infrastructure

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Your company’s Access Control System determines who is authorized to access facilities. Commonly the system includes the access control panel and a badge reader. A user must provide their credentials, by swiping their badge which will be verified with an access control list, and thereby granting or denying the user access. The access control system ultimately controls the unlocking of the door.

A Video Management System (VMS) may be connected to the ACS to stream video, view events and alarms sent by the ACS.

Wiegand and OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) are both communication protocols that are used to connect devices in access control systems. Communicating badge numbers, LED control, and tamper are examples of functions over these protocols. There are some notable differences between connecting by Wiegand vs. OSDP. Wiring for Wiegand requires at minimum 5 wires and additional wires for more functionality whereas OSDP requires 4 wires to provide the same functionality as Wiegand setups. Wiegand communication is uni-directional vs. bidirectional for OSDP). So whether your current system is using Wiegand or OSDP, the Rock supports both protocols for communication between the badge reader and Rock as well as between the Rock and ACS panel.