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Alcatraz Rock Installation & Onboarding

Rock Installation

See the Rock Install Guide for complete mounting and wiring instructions.

Once the Rock is installed and powered, the "Post Installation Verification" can be completed as detailed in the "Rock Install Guide" to confirm that the power, access control system and card reader wiring are correct.

QR Code Generation

QR Code generation is detailed in the Alcatraz AI Admin Portal Guide.

Network Settings

Initially, the Rock is configured for DHCP and to connect to the https://us.alcatraz.ai cloud instance.  To change the network configuration or connect the Rock to a different server, a QR Code is used.

A QR Code can be generated by logging into the Admin Portal and selecting "QR Code" under "Device Management" or by going to https://alcatraz.ai/qr/.

When using a static address, be sure to include an NTP server IP address.

Alcatraz Platform IP Address / Hostname

  • For Alcatraz Hosted Cloud systems, the Server URL will be provided by Alcatraz.
  • For on-prem systems, enter the IP Address of the Alcatraz Appliance or server that is running the Alcatraz Platform software.

Rock Onboarding

Rock onboarding is detailed in the Alcatraz AI Admin Portal Guide.

Once the Rock is onboarded it can be configured for the proper mode of operation.